Meet our leadership team

You can influence what happens to the water near you. Every four years, you can vote for a new General Council during the water authority elections. Who are our General Council members? And what do they do?

The members of our General Council take decisions regarding the water in your area. They defend and represent  the interests of residents, farmers, the environment and  companies. They are members of the board of a political party or (interest) group. The term of the current General Council started in 2015 and ends in 2019.

What do the members of the General Council of a water authority do?

  • They make the future plans for the water management and safety. For example, regional water plans and plans to improve the dykes.
  • They decide on these plans for the future.
  • They draw up the budget.

You can directly participate in the decision making process of many plans. Find out more about participation.

Who’s in charge?

‘Dijkgraaf’ Gerhard van den Top

The ‘dijkgraaf’ is the face of the water authority. Just as the mayor is the face of a municipality. 
The king appoints the ‘dijkgraaf’ for a period of 6 years. The ‘dijkgraaf’ is a member  of the Executive Committee .
He is not a member of the General Council (and does not have the right to vote).

  • He is chairman of the Executive Committee  and the General Council.
  • He signs official documents on behalf of the water authority.

Secretary-director  Jaap Kelderman

The secretary-director is a permanent advisor.

  • He is present in all of the meetings.
  • He helps in the decision-making process.
  • He signs all of the resolutions and documents (together with the  ’dijkgraaf’).

Who are the members of our Executive Committee  (2015-2019)?

The members of the General Council elect 5 members. Together they form the Executive Committee. Their profiles are shown below.

  • The Executive Committee prepares the resolutions for the General Council.
  • The Executive Committee  is responsible for the day-to-day issues, in cooperation with the dijkgraaf.

Which topics do the 5 members of the Executive Committee   consider to be important? What are their plans for the future? You can find the topics they are responsible for on the personal pages of the members of the Executive Committee.

Who are the members of the General Council ? (2015-2019)

The 30 members of the General Council meet every 2 weeks. They take decisions and prepare resolutions.

  • They determine the  water authority tax rates.
  • They determine how the funds will be distributed over the various projects.
  • They consider the interests of the various stakeholders.
  • They keep track of the long-term objectives and draw up rules and regulations.
  • They supervise  the Executive Committee.


Four-year term

We select the members of the General Council for a period of 4 years. At the beginning of their term, they make agreements on what they want to accomplish during their  term.
These agreements are further elaborated on in an Administrative Agreement (‘bestuursakkoord’).

The General Council’s commitment

The 'Sterk voor water' (working together for water) vision describes what the General Council wishes  to accomplish between 2015 and 2019:

  • The water authority ensures clean and safe water. They use the newest developments to accomplish their goals.
  • The water authority is here  to help.  Therefore, we build healthy and sound relationships with residents, companies and the municipalities in our service area.
  • The water authority works closely together with other parties in the area. For example, with municipalities and universities.