Our water authority and Waternet

Are we working in your area? The water authority makes the plans and decides on actions. Waternet takes over when the work actually begins.

Waternet does work for the water authority, as well as the municipality of Amsterdam. 

What does Waternet do for the water authority?

  • They clean waste water.
  • They maintain dykes.
  • They ensure that the surface water level is correct. 

Wat does Waternet do for the municipality of  Amsterdam?

  • They ensure and supplies  safe and clean tap water.
  • They maintain the sewage system.
  • They ensure that the ground water level is correct. 

What is the difference between the water authority and Waternet?

The water authority decides which actions are taken regarding  the water in your area. For example, we research whether a dyke needs to be heightened. Then we make a plan of action. Is the work ready to be executed? Then Waternet takes over. 

Why do we work together?

Thanks to this cooperation we can provide a higher level of service.  This allows us to save money and organise the work more effectively and easily. Waternet is the only water company in The Netherlands that manages parts of the natural water system and the whole water chain. This allows us to coordinate the sewage  systems and the water treatment sewage systems.  This is to the benefit of the water quality, for example your swimming water. 

Would you like to find out more about Waternet? Please visit the website of Waternet.