2017 water authority tax rates

There are 3 different types of water authority tax: a water system charge, a water treatment charge and a pollution charge. The costs of these charges for 2017 are listed below. The type of taxes you must pay depends on your specific situation.

Water authority tax rates 2017

Type of tax (in Dutch)

Type of tax (in English)

2017 rates

Watersysteemheffing ingezetenen

Resident water system charge

€ 108.34 per home

Watersysteemheffing gebouwd

Water system charge for buildings

0.015967% of the WOZ value

Watersysteemheffing ongebouwd

Water system charge for land without  buildings

€ 87.39 per hectare (10,000 m2)

Watersysteemheffing wegen

Water system charge for roads

€ 174.78 per hectare (10,000 m2)

Watersysteemheffing natuurterreinen

Water system charge for nature areas

€ 2.04 per hectare (10,000 m2)


Water treatment charge

€ 52.65 per pollution unit (ve)*


Pollution charge

€ 52.65 per pollution unit (ve)*

* ve is a pollution unit. People who live alone pay for 1 ve. Households with more than 1 resident pay for 3 ve.