Why do you have to pay water authority tax?

You pay water authority tax yearly. We use these funds for four important tasks.

Safe dykes

We maintain 900 kilometres of dykes in our service area. Safe dykes protect residents against floods. The sea level is rising due to climate change. Therefore, we will have to continue to focus on water problems.

The correct level of water

We ensure the correct water level with sluices and pumping stations. In the event of heavy rainfall, we lower the water level. In the event of drought we do exactly the opposite: we pump water into the area.

Clean water

Each day, we treat 343 million litres of waste water of 1.3 million residents. This water contains raw materials which we can reuse. For example, for the production of green gas or fertilizer. We also keep the water in canals, rivers, ditches and lakes clean.

Recreation and culture

We ensure the waterways are safe. We also improve the areas where people can walk, cycle or sail. At the same time we draw attention to the culture and nature in these areas.

We have a typically Dutch landscape with mills and dykes. It shows how we have lived with water for centuries. We would like to conserve this piece of culture.


Waternet collects the taxes on behalf of the water authority. Manage everything regarding your water authority tax via My Waternet.