Climate change and the city

Short periods of very heavy rainfall occur increasingly often. This particularly affects urban life. Therefore, we are working on smart solutions for these problems.

Global warming is happening now. This is causing very heavy rainfall to occur increasingly often. This results in more frequent water problems, particularly in the city.

The city’s drainage system cannot handle the sudden flow of large amounts of water. Therefore, we are working on smart solutions to counter these effects.


After heavy rainfall we must be able to cope with the large amount of water. Merely building large sewers will not solve the problem. The city should act like a sponge, so the sewer system would overflow less frequently.

The water authority provides residents, municipalities and provinces with knowledge. For example, how to build new neighbourhoods which can handle heavy rainfall. This will allow us to continue to enjoy to live and work in a city as Amsterdam. Even if it rains heavily.

Amsterdam Rainproof

We will not always be able to prevent problems caused by heavy rainfall. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce this risk yourself. Find out how and view the tips on Amsterdam Rainproof